How do I confirm coverage?
We will send you a confirmation email once you submit our "Coverage Form" on our Home Page portal.

Can I communicate with the coverage attorney?
Yes. You can speak with our coverage attorneys regarding any matter at any time. Just ask us and we will arrange a conference call for you.

How do I instruct the coverage attorney?
Each matter requires a reservation and for each matter you must fill out a form which requires that you provide all pertinent information, documents and detailed guidance and instructions.

What documents do they need?

Any document and pleading etc. that you or an attorney in your firm would need to handle the matter MUST be provided to our coverage attorney.

What about confidentiality?

Our Coverage attorneys are bound by all rules regarding confidentiality under the Bar rules and must not disclosure any confidential information obtained during the course of assisting the client.

What about liability?

Detroit Legal Group is deemed to be “associated” with the hiring attorney/firm and is responsible for all supervision and instruction to the covering attorney.

Should I tell my clients?

You should disclose the nature of the services provided by Detroit Legal Group in accordance with Bar rules and most certainly should inform your clients if your clients would likely consider this information material.

How do I pay?
Pay Online using our Secure PayPal Account here


For further details, please call us at (313) 962-4954

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  • Dread going to Downtown Detroit for court? We provide discount coverage for ALL courts in the city of Detroit.

    We provide coverage for:

    36th District Court
    Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
    3rd Circuit Court
    , Coleman A. Young
    U.S. Eastern District Federal Court Juvenile Court

    Administrative hearings for building code violations and Parking enforcement hearings.