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How Ineffective Representation Can Have Costly Consequences

Detroit Legal Group PLLC July 12, 2023

If you are charged with a crime, your present freedom and future opportunities in life are at risk. Facing this battle with ineffective legal representation by your side puts you at a distinct disadvantage, resulting in an even greater challenge to obtain the outcome you are seeking. 

At Detroit Legal Group PLLC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with strong legal representation. No matter what crime you have been charged with, we will stand by your side and advocate for your rights. If you are located in the greater Detroit area—including the surrounding communities of Dearborn, Southfield, or Warren—contact our team today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. 

Signs of Ineffective Representation

Many attorneys can seem like they know what they are doing and are fully capable of handling your case, but when the chips are down and your future is at stake, finding out your representation is not as effective as you had hoped can be devastating. It’s important to know what to look for early on in your case to determine if you are being represented effectively. 

Inadequate Investigation

Being an effective attorney means knowing every last detail of your client’s case, inside and out. This requires detailed investigation and prompt attention to all aspects of the situation. If you have a lawyer who is underskilled or does not give your case the attention it deserves, you may find yourself overmatched as the legal process moves along. 

Limited Experience

While it’s true that everyone has to start their career at some point, there is still a clear delineation between attorneys who can help you move forward, and attorneys who do not have enough knowledge to provide you with the highest level of counsel. Often, the proper experience is the key difference. Being unfamiliar with different legal precedents or types of motions that could be filed to help your case can lead to trouble. 

The Wrongful Incarceration of Norberto Peets

Though there are too many cases of the negative impact of subpar legal representation to list them all here individually, one of the more recent examples is that of Norberto Peets in the Bronx borough of New York. Mr. Peets was charged and convicted in relation to a shooting in 1996. His attorney failed to properly investigate his case, evidence that discredited witness testimony against Mr. Peets was overlooked, and though he was finally exonerated in May 2023, Mr. Peets had served 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. 

Consequences of Ineffective Legal Representation

Though not all instances of ineffective representation result in such a horrible situation as that of Norberto Peets, such a lack of strong legal counsel can have significant consequences. 

Lost Time

Whether ineffective representation costs you days, weeks, months, or years, every moment of your life is valuable. Losing any of that time to undue incarceration or lengthy legal battles is far too costly of a price to pay. 

Increased Penalties

Having an attorney who fails to adequately advocate for your best interests or does not provide you with the representation you need can result in you receiving harsher penalties—more jail time, heavier fines, and other consequences. 

Characteristics of Effective Representation

There are a number of ways a good attorney can represent their client effectively, but there are a few basic traits to look for when choosing your lawyer, including: 

  • Strong Communication — Your attorney is available and accessible to provide counsel and explain your options and every new development of your case. 

  • Knowledge & Experience — Your attorney, at a fundamental level, understands the law and how to navigate the legal system to benefit your case. 

  • Integrity & Care — Your attorney genuinely cares about your case and wants to stand up for your rights and best interests. 

Checking for these qualities goes a long way toward ensuring you have strong representation on your side. 

You Deserve Dedicated Legal Defense 

When mistakes are made, people’s lives can completely— and permanently change. If you’re facing criminal charges, hiring effective legal representation is your best option to seek the most favorable outcome available to you in your case. At Detroit Legal Group PLLC, we will give your situation the attention it deserves. Reach out to us now to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve clients in Detroit, Warren, Southfield, Dearborn, and throughout the entire state of Michigan.