Buying and selling real estate is a huge investment and decision in any person’s life that involves major risks. For this reason, it is understandable that you want to make sure that the real estate transaction goes smoothly and that everything is carried out in a lawful and efficient manner.  

Our skilled attorneys at Detroit Legal Group PLLC can provide you with the reassurance and peace of mind that all your legal rights have been protected and every detail of your real estate transaction is considered. Our law firm is comprised of a team of dedicated real estate attorneys who serve clients in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas, including Warren, Dearborn, and Southfield.   

Real Estate & Common Conflicts  

When it comes to buying and selling property, there is always a potential for conflicts and disputes among the parties because everyone is trying to get a better deal. Reasons conflicts may arise between the parties in real estate transactions vary from one case to another. Common causes of such disputes include: 

  1. Failure to disclose. One of the most common causes of conflicts between sellers and buyers is the seller’s failure to disclose material defects, which can lead to misrepresentation claims. In real estate law, the seller has an obligation to disclose everything that a buyer would consider “material” to the purchase.  

  1. Contract issues. When contracts are not drafted with the help of an attorney, they often contain vague language or ambiguous terms. This can cause the parties to misinterpret the terms of the contract and lead to disputes in the long run. Regardless of how the contract is written, breaching any of its terms can lead to conflicts and litigation between the parties.  

  1. Failure to perform. Conflicts may also arise when either party fails to close without good reason. For example, if the buyer fails to follow through with a closing by not paying the agreed-upon sum of money on time, litigation may ensue.  

One of the most effective ways to prevent such conflicts and disputes is to retain the services of a real estate attorney. Our real estate attorneys at Detroit Legal Group PLLC have the experience and resources to help you navigate the legal issues of your transaction and resolve any disputes that may arise in the process.  



Cases Our Real Estate Attorneys Handle 

The team at Detroit Legal Group PLLC can help you with a wide range of real estate matters, including but not limited to: 

  • Sale or purchase of real estate. Whether you are a seller or buyer, we can help you prepare and review the paperwork and work toward a smooth transfer of ownership.  

  • Title search and examination. Our attorneys help clients conduct title searches and examinations to detect potential issues such as liens and verify the property’s ownership history.  

  • Zoning rules and regulations. The team of skilled real estate attorneys at Detroit Legal Group PLLC helps clients navigate the applicable zoning rules and regulations to avoid potential problems.  

  • Review and prepare documentation. We help clients get their paperwork in order at every step of the real estate transaction by reviewing and drafting documents.  

  • Deed registering. According to the official website of the State of Michigan, every county in the state has its own register of deeds. Our attorneys help clients ensure that their deeds are carefully drafted and examined to avoid right-to-ownership disputes.  

  • Foreclosure defense. We help clients facing foreclosure formulate a solid defense to keep their residences by handling court proceedings and mortgage company negotiations on behalf of clients.  

  • Real estate litigation. Not all disputes between sellers and buyers are resolved amicably, which is why some of these conflicts may end up in court. When this happens, our attorneys are prepared to advocate for the interests of our clients in court proceedings.  

If you need assistance or guidance with any of your real estate matters, reach out to our team of attorneys at Detroit Legal Group PLLC. We understand the legal intricacies of real estate law in Michigan and can assist you with all aspects of the residential/commercial property purchase or sale process.   

Real Estate Attorneys in Detroit, Michigan

Our team at Detroit Legal Group PLLC can be your trusted guides in your real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling property in Detroit, Michigan, or the surrounding areas. We work tirelessly to protect the interests of our clients and ensure a smooth, stress-free transaction. Reach out to our office today to receive a free case evaluation and get the representation you can count on.